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Wyoming Trophy Rent-a-toon Sample


RT :30


This was the first of our Renta-Toon spots to sell, obviously to Wyoming Trophy. Although it was originally produced for a trophy shop that also sold gifts and T-shirts, we can customize it for most anything, as long as we're only switching out audio, bullet points ("widest selection of" etc.) and the "props" the character holds without having to re-animate anything.

That's the great thing about using Flash in this particular "syndicated commercial." If the character is holding a trophy, we can simply switch that out with a carton of milk, a box of cereal, or a can of motor oil... whatever your product may be.

And this is about as close to a generic situation that works for any variety of businesses. An office worker comes back from a ridiculously-extended lunch hour, and his boss, steam literally rising from his forehead (ain't cartoons just GREAT?!), demands to know where he's been, and well, just watch for yourself!

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